Hammond Enterprises is happy to announce the two new additions to their production facility in Pittsburg, California, the INDEX MS40 MULTI SPINDLE SCREW MACHINE and the INDEX G220 5 AXIS MILLING MACHINE. These new machines are cutting-edge products from Index-Traub, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CNC turning machines since 1914.

Part of Index’s new line of multispindle CNC machines, the MS40 can perform nearly unlimited operations on small workpieces from bar up to 40mm (1.57 in.) diameter or for chucking up to 120mm (4.7 in.).

The MS40 features a main spindle drive with increased stiffness and hydrostatic guide bushings on each carrier slide, eliminating wear and transmission of vibrations to the tool. And with liquid cooling, the heat generated by operation can be released locally or through a central cooling system, reducing the cooling burden for the production facility.

The new G220 turn-mill can execute virtually any turning or milling machining process quickly, all within a footprint of approximately 10 m2 excluding the bar loader. The stations in the G220 feature a tilting basket design which protects the tools against contamination from oil and chips, and like the MS40, it can be connected to a local or central cooling system to dissipate heat from the fluid-cooled spindles and the control cabinet.

Additionally, the G220 includes the use of the latest capacitive touch technology that can be used even when the user is wearing gloves, making it possible to incorporate numerous rotary and touch buttons of the machine control panel directly onto the controller screen. The G220 also has its own Virtual Machine (VM) on board, and by pressing a button the operator can switch to the on board VM and make use of simulation, regardless of machine’s active operations.

Both the MS40 and the G220 machines from Index-Traub are expected to bolster the manufacturing effectiveness of the production facilities at Hammond Enterprises, and usher in more efficient ways to serve their customers and exceed quality expectations.